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Residential Retreats

Every week we have residential retreats. These retreats begin on Monday at 10.30a.m. and end on Wednesday at 3.00p.m. You can join the retreat only on Monday and you are free to leave the retreat anytime with permission.

Certain cases where the patients are in desperate situation and are on the verge of death are not admitted. Whether to admit the case or not solely depends on the centre’s authority. And therefore it is advised not to bring such cases. They can take help of our telephone prayer service.

These retreats began in June 1999 and more than 800 retreats have been so far conducted. Thousands of people from different parts of India have so far attended these retreats. People suffering from diseases like cancer, HIV, kidney stones, heart troubles etc. have been healed miraculously. Do not forget to read the testimonies. Even doctors and Lawyers have attended these retreats and have given the living testimonies.


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